Chapters, Reviews, Editorials

Book chapters

2020. Bridging and bonding: Public space and immigrant integration in Barcelona’s El Raval. In Mehta, V. and D. Palazzo (Eds.). Companion to public space. New York: Routledge, pp. 378-389.

2019. Designing for difference in Barcelona’s El RavalIn Banerjee, T. and A. Loukaitou-Sideris (Eds.). The new companion to urban design. New York: Routledge, pp. 122-134.

2017. Democracy, protest and public space: Does place matter? In Marvin, C. and S. Hong (Eds.). Place, space, and mediated communication: Exploring context collapse. New York: Routledge (with E. Carver), pp. 122-145.

2010. Publicly accessible space and quality of life: A tool for measuring the openness of urban spaces. In Phillips, R. and M. Budruk (Eds.). Quality of Life Community Indicators for Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. New York: Springer (with S. Schmidt), pp. 41-66.


2020. Is your neighborhood raising your COVID risk? Redlining decades ago set communities up for greater danger. The Conversation. May 26 (with S. Rowan).

Reprinted by: PBS NewsHour, Milwaukee Independent, Chicago Reporter, US News and World Report, Ohio Capital Journal, Edge Media Network, Route Fifty, Raw Story, Houston Chronicle, Idaho Press, San Antonio Express-News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Fairfield Citizen, The Hour, The Telegraph, Midland Daily News, Greenwich Time, Beaumont Enterprise, The National Interest, CU Denver Research, and Colorado Sun.

2019. Four steps to stopping gentrification. City Stories. August 29.

2018. Why certain parks gentrify surrounding neighborhoods and what we can do about it. Science Trends. November 29 (with A. Rigolon).

2011. Security zones in big cities need balance in design. Denver Post. March 27.

2010. Don’t close Times Square. Editorial appeared in North Jersey Record, Pocono Record, Southeast Missourian and San Marcos Record, June 3 (all with J. Hollander).

Book reviews

2020. Review of Borden, I. 2019. Skateboarding and the city: A complete history, London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts press. Journal of the American Planning Association, 86(4): 525-526.

2009. Review of Miller, K. 2007. Designs on the public: The private lives of New York’s public spaces, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Journal of the American Planning Association, 75(1): 5-6. 

2005. Review of Kohn, M. 2004. Brave new neighborhoods: The privatization of public space, New York: Routledge. Journal of the American Planning Association, 71(3): 341. **Editor’s choice as one of top reviews of Volume 71**

Magazine articles

2004. Redefining security in public space: The case of LOVE ParkIEEE Technology & Society, 23(4): 19-20. 


2020. Co-Editor of special issue of Cities “Regional Planning, Growth, and Equity in the 21st Century American West.”

2010. Co-Editor of special issue of Journal of Urban Design, “The Production of Public Space.

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