Refereed conferences

Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) annual conference

2017. Green gentrification in Chicago: Fragmented planning and displacement, with A. Rigolon (Denver)

2017. What do non-gentrified neighborhoods have in common?, with A. Rigolon (Denver)

2016. Deepening democracy: Planning for differentiated solidarity (Portland, OR)

2016. Is transportation accessibility associated with greater well-being?, with C. Makarewicz (Portland)

2014. Affordable housing and equitable disaster recovery in Colorado (Philadelphia, PA)

2012. Social equity and transit planning (Cincinnati, OH)

2011. The cannabis conundrum: Planning for medical marijuana legalization (Salt Lake City, UT)

2010. Assessing learning outcomes in studio courses (Minneapolis, MN)

2009. Comparing public and private spaces in New York City (Washington, DC)

2008. Lost space: Security zones and New York’s shrinking public space (Chicago, IL)

2007. Security regimes in New York City’s public spaces (Milwaukee, WI)

2006. Measuring security and control in publicly accessible spaces (Fort Worth, TX)

2005. The corporatization of public space in Midtown Manhattan (Kansas City, MO)

2004. Youth culture and public space: The case of Center City Philadelphia (Portland, OR)

Urban Affairs Association (UAA) annual meeting

2010. Liberty, democracy and the politics of public space (Honolulu, HI)

2009. Secure cities: The changing face of downtown (City Futures conference w/ EURA, Madrid, Spain)

2006. Design and exclusion in LOVE Park (Montréal, Quebec)

Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual meeting

2011. Vacant, abandoned and underutilized: Landscape as infrastructure (Seattle, WA)

2009. The closed city: Downtown security zones and the loss of public space (Las Vegas, NV)

2007. An empirical assessment of urban design quality/public space security (San Francisco, CA)

2006. Skateboarders, deviance and public space (Chicago, IL)

Other conferences

2016. Democracy, protest, and public space: Building spaces of resistance. (12th Annual Symposium of the International Urban Planning and Environment Association, Lisbon, Portugal)

2014. Affordable housing and equitable disaster recovery: A study of the 2013 Colorado flash floods, with A. Rumbach (presenter), C. Makarewicz, and D. Thomas (3rd International Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction, Natural Hazards Center, Boulder, CO)

2013. The cannabis conundrum: How fair is medical marijuana land use policy?, with E. Ross (GIS Day, City and County of Denver, Denver, CO)

2012. Racialized development and environmental privilege: Access to parks in Portland, Oregon (EDRA conference, Seattle, WA)

2008. Security zones and Lower Manhattan’s shrinking public space (Protecting New York conference, New York, NY)

2005. Bypass roads: A before and after evaluation of impacts with A. Lichtenstein (APA National Conference, San Francisco, CA)