People and Places – Temple University
Initial course in the undergraduate program in Community and Regional Planning introduces students to the major debates on the form and formation of cities. Students investigate communities and regions from physical, economic, political and social perspectives using a variety of materials; a major objective of the course is to develop a basic understanding of how humans shape and are shaped by the built environment.

Principles of Urban Planning – Rutgers University
Provides Urban Studies majors with a theoretical, practical and political understanding of the urban planning process. The course surveys the historical development of cities, urban society and culture, the history of urban planning, and several substantive planning areas such as housing, zoning, transportation and environmental sustainability. Co-instructor: Ralph Buehler.

Urban Design and Redevelopment – Rutgers University
Seminar cross-listed as undergrad/grad course. Students discuss the principles and practice of physical planning and design, while introducing important factors influencing urban redevelopment such as community participation, historic preservation, and eminent domain. A major objective of the course is to help students develop practical tools necessary for creating innovative and successful urban design projects. Co-instructor: Hsui-Tzu (Betty) Chang.